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If you are looking for a reliable Internet supplier in Prague, you are on the right road. The company Internet Praha delivers and installs fast Internet within a maximum of 2 – 3 days. Our coverage works totally smoothly not only throughout Prague, but also in the close vicinity. Nevertheless, if you would like to assure yourself of the Internet availability in your area, we recommend you to check the accessibility.

Internet prices in Prague

We make sure that our Internet is available not only in the full range of coverage , but also in terms of prices. Therefore, our price list is set in such a way to make it financially acceptable for everyone. Not only households, but also big companies or hotels use our Internet with contentment. Thus, the Internet Praha offers you prices that competitors will barely propose. Check our Internet price list and see on your own that we provide really cheap Internet.

Stable and cheap Internet

Nowadays, Internet is a very important working tool and it is truly necessary to ensure its stability. Therefore, our company Internet Praha can boast a stable Internet without breakdowns. If you need Internet access for your work, during which you are processing large data volumes, you do not have to worry. Our Internet can cope easily with everything.

A wide range of Internet connection

Do you prefer Wi-Fi or ADSL? Whatever requirements regarding the means of access you might have, we always try to meet them halfway. In addition to the high-speed ADSL Internet, we also provide mobile Internet and cheap Internet access via Wi-Fi. We adapt the means of access to your specific requirements.

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